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Driving Project Success

  • Brainstorm Your Idea

  • Craft an MVP Roadmap

  • Develop Go-To-Market Strategies

product flywheel

Kill the Company
( The Failure Pre-Mortem )

Best initial prompt:Imagine this project you're working on has failed 6 months from now.Now let's work backwards from there and ask ourselves:-What went wrong?
-What contributed to this failure?
-What caused it to fail?
Write the story of how it happened.

Shreyas Doshi, ex Stripe, Twitter, Google, Yahoo

There's the Best and There's the Rest

How Do You Decide What to Build Next?
( ...and what not to build? )

Winning Formula

  • You start with FOUNDER MARKET FIT

  • You know the IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE in and out

  • You're in love with the PROBLEM

  • You're constantly EXPERIMENTING

  • You practice your UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION

  • You frequently talk to CUSTOMERS

  • You follow thru your GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY

  • You seek PATH TO PROFITABILITY from day one

Losing Formula


  • No well-thought-out IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE

  • No involvement with the PROBLEM



  • Not talking to CUSTOMERS



Problem Well-Stated is a Problem Half-Solved
( don't optimize for the wrong things )

when evaluating an idea, you need to think through the size and the growth of the market, the growth strategy for the company and so on...if it works out, you're going to be working on this for 10 yearsso it's worth some real upfront time to think through the defensibility of the businesseven tough plans themselves are worthless, the exercise of planning is really valuableand totally missing in most startups today

Sam Altman, Founder of OpenAI

Six-Core Dimensions of ProduXt Genius

Start figuring out if there is a world where your idea could work and generate profit

6 core dimensions of product strategy

Life is Too Short to Work on the Wrong Things
( time is precious and you'll never get wasted months back )

the gap between success and failure is in the quality of communication of ideas, not the ideas per se

Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder of Social Capital

Hit the Ground with Strong Conviction

Convert Your Scattered Ideas into a Coherent Action Plan

Someone asked you: what's your business?

Can you actually get your elevator pitch across in less than 30 seconds without fumbling?

Can you get people excited about your unique value proposition ?

Is the answer at the tip of your tongue:

I offer products/services for my ideal customer profile that helps them achieve their desired outcome.

Unlike the competition, my solution achieves this outcome by my key differentiator.

Everybody Has the Will to Win
( but people don't have the will to practice )

product discovery it's not about prioritizationit's about trying lots of ideas much fasterit's about the number of experiments you can run

Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group

AI Knowledge Base Inspired by the Best Product and Marketing People

Feed High Quality Feedback into Your Vision

  • Y-Combinator

  • 37 Signals

  • Noah Kagan | Million Dollar Weekend

  • SVPG | Marty Cagan

  • Minimalist Ent. | Sahil Lavingia

  • Lenny's Podcast

  • Reforge

  • First Round

  • Altar

  • GustdeBacker

  • Strategyzer

  • TK Kader

  • Alex Hormozi | $100M Leads

  • The Mom Test | Rob Fitzpatrick

  • Hubspot

  • Miro

  • Asana

  • Zapier

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if you have two business models, it means you don't have any business model.
You are already second guessing yourself

Bill Gurley, VC


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